About ESG Mitra

We consist of a group of experienced tech entrepreneurs who have played pivotal roles in shaping today's technology landscape.

As Individuals and solution-seekers, we hold a strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Our belief centers around the power of transparent data collection to drive transformative change among both producers and consumers. Embracing a global perspective, we view it as our moral duty to engage in financial and environmentally responsible production and consumption practices.

ESG Mitra specializes in offering cutting-edge SaaS solutions to a wide spectrum of enterprises and funds, regardless of their industry, size, or global location. Our primary focus is on digitally managing and monitoring the entire ESG data lifecycle while also calculating the carbon footprint for numerous sites, businesses, and portfolios. Furthermore, our comprehensive suite includes advanced analytics and reporting, all meticulously aligned with global sustainability standards.

Our Vision

To Promote conscious consumerism that places the utmost emphasis on both environmental and social sustainability.

Prioritizing environmental and social sustainability through conscious consumerism is our core focus.

Our Mission

We're dedicated to reducing supply chain risk and delivering transparent, evidence-backed data for businesses that place a high value on environmental and social sustainability.

We specialize in mitigating supply chain risk while offering businesses that hold environmental and social sustainability in high regard transparent, evidence-based data.

Our Team

Our team brings together a unique blend of creative, technical, and strategic talents. We place a strong emphasis on quality and are dedicated to crafting meaningful solutions through our hard work and dedication.


Voluntary Retired Ex-IAS UP


Versatile & Dynamic Entrepreneur

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory board, comprised of industry experts and thought leaders, plays a crucial role in providing invaluable insights and guidance to steer our organization towards success.


Advisory Board

Experience: Faseeh has a diverse background in Risk Management, Corporate & Wholesale Banking, and Advisory. He has worked in areas such as GRPC, Operational and Fraud Risk, Coverage/Relationship Management, and Institutional Sales.

Advisory Roles: Faseeh has served as an advisor, board member, and initial founding member to the World Metaverse Council, demonstrating his involvement in industry organizations and initiatives.

Business Development: He currently serves as the Director of Lead Banking & Financial Institutions, Forensics, GRPC & Strategy at Eighty Eight Advisory LLP. He is responsible for regional business development and strategy, focusing on market entry, GRPC, and strategy services.

Awards and Additional Learning: He has received recognition for exemplary performance, including the ADIB Star award. Faseeh has also pursued professional development, such as a certification in coaching and completing a Credit Skills Development program.


Advisory Board

Experience: 12 years’ experience Analytics Education and Talent development, Program Management; 10 years’ experience in the Information Technology and Analytics industry; 4 years’ experience in core engineering and manufacturing sector.
2018 - Till date - Program Manager, KTech Center of Excellence on Machine Intelligence and Robotics (MINRO) in the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.

MINRO’s (https://minro.org) objective is to be a “best-in-class” Centre of Excellence (COE) in Karnataka for Machine Intelligence and Robotics, involved in fundamental research addressing problems in the Indian context in a collaborative multi-disciplinary environment. The COE aims to develop open-source platforms and data sources, mentor start-ups and ensure scalability and reliability of the technology for real-world deployment. Responsible for planning, design and execution of various technical project works pertaining to MINRO. Work with multiple stakeholders (government, faculty researchers, industry, students, IIITB admin) towards meeting the goals of the MINRO project. Plan and keep track of financials of the project including producing necessary financial reports, Utilization Certificates etc.


Advisory Board

Since the clearing of my CA in 2008, I joined M/S Commercial Auto Products (P) Limited, and M/S Motor Sales Limited, the two power house companies of Lucknow, dealing in Car Segments, each having a turnover above Rs 100 crores, as a Part time Consultant till 2012, after which I had developed certain medical issues and had to quit. M/S Motor Sales Limited were Dealer of Tata Motors, and M/S Commercial Motors Limited were dealers of Skoda Auto in addition to that they also had a Radiator Manufacturing Unit, where in M/S Commercial Auto developed the radiator of Tractors and Heavy Duty Trucks and suppled these to M/S Sonalika India, M/S Ashok Leyland, and some part to Tata.

In 2013, I was offered the work of Consultancy of food Chains Operated by Master Chef Pankaj Bhadauria, who opened her Food chains and Teaching Academy in Lucknow, after becoming first Master Chef of Lucknow. In 2014, I was offered a consultancy of a Hotel named Silvette, which belonged to a very renowned business family of Lucknow M/S Sugnamal Group and is continuing till date. In 2015, having a deep insight into the Motor Sector, I was offered the consultancy work from the Group involved in Motor Sector, having dealerships of BMW, Volvo Isuzu, which continued for three years. In 2019, I was offered the consultancy work of M/S Shreetron India Limited, a Government owned Company, having its registered office in Sahibabad, UP. The company is mainly involved into IT Electronics sector, suppling and developing software for various government departments, providing software supports like software training, software repairs to the government departments. The said work is continuing till date.